Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One of my Favorite Frugal Recipes

My husband and I often visit a local Mexican restaurant just for their Chimichangas! Yep we're the people that order the same meal every time! And since we liked their Chimichangas so much, I decided to make a similar recipe to enjoy at home.

I was originally going to make Potato Chimichangas for Dinner yesterday, but my husband wasn't feeling well. Instead I made homemade soup to help him feel better. So today we will have Chimichangas!

Chimichangas are fairly easy to prepare and require only a few frugal ingredients.

Here's the link for the Potato Chimichangas recipe.
Hope you enjoy :)

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1 comment:

Kelli a.k.a. Country Mommie said...

Oooh, Potato Chimichangas! Yum! Thanks for coming by Yummy Tuesday!

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