Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Halloween Memories

Halloween is just a couple weeks away, and as I'm bringing out some of my decorations. I can't help but think of Halloween memories from my childhood. Many of my favorite memories were at my Grandmom's house. We had the best Halloween party's there! Her house was a large Georgian style mansion, built in 1799. The house looked like a haunted house and had plenty of mystery. It was surrounded by woods and tucked in the of hills of Pennsylvania.

On Halloween night,we followed the path behind her house to find a bonfire prepared by my Uncle. We toasted marshmallows and played hide and seek in the woods.

Later in the evening we would make our way back into the house. We would go up a set of winding spiral stairs to the third floor. There was a cozy little room up there with a small fireplace, antique toys, and Halloween themed games. We told scary stories, had contests, and won sugary prizes.

Grandmon sat by the fire in her rocking chair, and before the night ended, she would tell us
stories of the ghosts in her house! Her stories were always detailed and scary. My siblings and I, calming down from our rowdy sugary-rush, would somehow sit quietly and listen to everything she said.

I can still imagine ghosts in that house!
Grandmon had a fascinating way about her, she was imaginative and unique. I will treasure those Halloween memories forever!

Here's a delightful recipe from Grandmon, called "Witch Soup"

What is you favorite Halloween memory?

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