Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Few Tips to Keep Food Fresh Longer

Below are a few tips I follow:

I dry off my fruits and veggies before storing them in the refrigerator with either a paper towel, or salad spinner to remove the excess fluid. Then I store them in airtight containers. Sometimes I place a paper towel in the containers to help absorb the moisture.

I try to use the smaller Rubbermaid Produce Saver Containers to decrease the amount of air surrounding the produce, and then I seal them tightly.

I use simple clothes pins to seal bagged snacks! I try to remove most of the air out first, before sealing the bags.

When my snacks go stale, before the expiration date, I refresh them. Here's a link with a couple tips to refresh snacks!

Apples can cause fruits and vegetables to age faster. So I keep apples separated from fruits and vegetables.

I usually avoid refrigerating bananas, since the peel blackens. I find it’s best to freeze peeled bananas in airtight plastic bags, and then use them later for baking.

Here’s an easy Banana Ice-cream recipe!

I keep tomatoes and cucumbers separated, since tomatoes can cause cucumbers to age faster.

More Info:

Did you know that bay leaves can help keep bugs away from food? For continued results, change the leaves every 3 months. And cloves can help keep ants away! Spread the cloves in areas susceptible to ants.

Here's the salad spinner I use to dry my fruits and veggies.

Here's the Rubbermaid Produce Saver Containers I use.

For more Works for Me Wednesday tips, check out Rocks in my Dryer.


Cyndy said...

Be still my frugally heart! Thank you for all the great tips...I too love to use clothes pins for sealing up snack bags!

Jen said...

Mmm Banana Ice Cream?! Thanks for the many tips!

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